Maintain Purity for best Quality.

Girnar Industries does not only assure highest safety and quality of the products, but also accurate product information, R & D has been a way of life at Girnar Industries. Girnar Industries has setup a state-of-the-art R & D center and a lab with well equipped analytical laboratory for identification and characterization of compounds. The strength of the company lies in highest standard of production technique & inheritably rich experience of Castor products. We follow 100% mandatory Traceability Plan that includes Procurement Plan, Storage, Processing, Containerization and Shipping. All required fumigation and other quality certification etc, are maintained as per the request of our clients and our internal corporate governance team. Certifications of goods are provided from agencies like SGS, Geo Chem. or any relevant competent authority. We also keep 100% shipment sample for a period of 3 months from the Bill of Lading date and have our own quality control methodology.

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